Everyone Loves
a Fat Baby

Hand-washed to ensure long shelf life and hand-graded for quality and presentation, Fat Baby Oysters ship 48 hours from harvest or sooner. No exceptions. No crying.

Hand-selected and

This step ensures consistency and readiness to shuck.

Deep Cups

These full-bodied shells easily hold and maintain our oysters' clean, natural, briny juices plus you can stuff them like a pro!

Perfect Measurements

At about 3.5 inches in length, Fat Babies provide a satisfying portion size.

Graded and Packed!

Every box going out the door contains approximately 100 pieces, baby!  

The Right Coast!

We are proudly based on the East Coast, and our oysters are too!

Perfect on a Half Shell

Fat Babies on the half shell are the perfect way to crack 'em and slurp!

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